Sunday, 20 November 2016

CHF deux

 Luke 21:26   Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

   I don't think the heart failure that is mine is connected to the above.
Mine is caused by years of undetected high blood pressure when I was
 without a doctor.
 I do think that with the turmoil increasing in the world and mankind fulfilling
 Paul's prophesy of our time (2 Timothy 3: 1 to 5). We are living in the last days of the Anglo-American Empire and the rising of a different world order I believe.

Meanwhile back at the heart failure. I received good news that I  have been placed in this cardiac monitoring and therapy group under the care of a top cardiologist.The first step is wearing a Holter monitor for two weeks twenty -four hours a day.This monitor is a new type that is the size of a credit card  
and will report findings to the cardiologist via smart phone.I then see the cardiologist by tele-conference two weeks after the Holter results have been studied.What the next step is I will find out at the conference.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I heerd

Hmm  I heerd that some amuricans are gonna elect an el presidente  today or tonight or tomorry.My golly them amuricans even got themselves a electoralcollege to go to if things get shady. I wonders what the tooition might be.The subjects of study are Bribery 101, Stuffing ballot boxes 102,Swapping voters 103 so I heerd .Its gonna be nice to see ol randy Billy make a comeback by golly.Ya don't suppose he is using his old lady to do that? Nah, not good ol Bubba. Say ! that there Podesta feller knows a lot about drawing and quartering. Ya don't think he is fixin to use it on the other candydate if hisin is the weiner. I don't think i shall watch the hoo haw. Will look at the weather channel instead.Ya don't haf to be a weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowin don't ya know !!
 As the eyeties say it Chow!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

More Rambling

 We are having a minor heatwave here.I'm not complaining mind you,memories of shivering in February are still present.The Jays are doing well and that is good. Baseball is certainly played by the 'boys of summer' when you see the crazy happenings on the field i.e three players standing waiting for one of them to catch the pop fly and it falls among them not caught or a run down between second and third base because a runner's mind was somewhere else or the pitcher walking off the mound thinking its the third out when it was the second out thus letting the runner on first to steal second. Hilarious

  The Trump and Hillary dog and pony show is on now in earnest.How the greatest super Power on Earth (not my words btw) can come up with those two clowns out of a population of three hundred million beats me. Maybe we are truly living in the last days.
   Having studied the French Revolution I see similarities in America and pre revolutionary France. The vast gap between the rich and the poor, the fear of the poor by the monied classes, the massive debt.I see in the background  America's Danton and Antoinette.Is the guillotine far behind ?

Thursday, 14 July 2016


Back here again.I know that I.m tardy about posting.Aging is the culprit, see just too many interests and to much knowledge to try to acquire (It seems that there is an End Times prophecy about this) Must find it. Paul's prophetic letter to Timothy sure nails what is going on in our world today.Imagine him writing nearly two thousand years ago about our present day world. Wow!

Our family is blessed with a little lady who has recently traveled with her Mom to Alberta and came home with gold medals in skipping. She is a member of the Georgian Jumpers team.The event was the National Championships.

 My dear wife and I have been on a fitness kick. I found a you tube video called 60 minutes in chair exercises. Why in chair? Well its damn hard to find exercises that a CHF type can do safely.The exercises concentrate on strengthening the core, keeping the joints flexible,using a breathing technique during said workout. Since doing these I have increased my walking from a few hundred yards to 1.5 km or one mile with no shortness of breath and finished in 27 minutes.
  What bugs me is there is non existent support for people with CHF. The cardiologist I have seems only interested in poking a pacemaker into my heart which I do not need. Thats enough bitching for now.

Its been ninety-four degrees in the shade here in the afternoons and I am reminded of the hot summer days when I was a young feller.Those hot days started on the last days of June went through all of July and most of August. It aint like that nowadays, Bunkie.

Before I forget,its going on nearly ten months since my health has improved to almost normal.

  Thats it for now. Gee no tiepos !